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Scalpro AS


Scalpro AS





Established in 1995, Scalpro AS is the only commercial bivalve hatchery in Norway. Scalpro AS owns hatchery and nursery facilities in Western Norway, producing 2 to 4 million 15-20mm spat on a yearly basis, and in addition sells agal cultures and research and development services. Scalpro AS is intersted in the development of sustainable production to increase output and meet market demand. Scalpro AS has a long record of cooperation with research institutions; both in Norway and internationally.

Scalpro AS will contribute to WP3, WP4 and WP5 as producers of both Pecten maximus and Ostrea edulis.

Key Persons  

Erik Hansen

Board director


Anne Grete Dale

Hatchery technician


Johnny Rong

Hatchery technician


Knut Magnus Persson

Research/Hatchery technician