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Cartron Point Shellfish Ltd


Cartron Point Shellfish Ltd



The facilities at Cartron Point were constructed in 1989 to produce bivalve spat, and yearly output has exceeded 12 million oysters and 4 million scallops, in addition to 25 million clams. The hatchery has indoor larval and spat systems and holds a sea nursery for intermediate ongrowing. For feed production, the facilities consist of an up-to-date continuous culture system for micro algae, as well as an outdoor diatom production unit. The company has extensive experience in hatchery production of shellfish, and has previously contributed to research projects with universities and institutes for technology. The former work has resulted in innovative methods for spawning and attachment of pediveligers to meshes as welll as work on settlement in mesocosms. Participation in the SETTLE project will lead to improved production strategies for Pecten maximus at Cartron Point Shellfish Ltd.

Cartron Point Shellfish Ltd will actively participate in WP5 on scallop settlement.

Key Persons  
Iarfhlaith Connellan
Freddie O'Mahony