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Work Packages



Work Package One: Coordination and Project Management
Goals: To coordinate the project, accomplishing set work package objectives and
communication with the commission.
Work Package Two: Oyster Conditioning
Goals: To successfully spawn European flat oyster during autumn and winter, controlling
the broodstock conditioning process and identifying the effects of biological and
environmental parameters on sex-change and/or conditioning.
Work Package Three: Oyster Settlement
Goals: To stabilize and improve larval survival and settlement during the winter and
autumn, by developing new techniques to maximise and synchronise settlement in the
hatchery and revealing the effect of environmental parameters. Aim to validate Petrifilm
for monitoring bacteriological conditions during larval culture, and to reveal effects of
chemical cues and substrate on settlement.
Work Package Four: Scallop Conditioning
Goals: To successfully spawn great scallop during autumn and winter, developing
methods to synchronise gonad development during winter conditions and reducing
conditioning time by optimising temperature and photoperiod. Aim to improve larval
quality by optimising broodstock diet.
Work Package Five: Scallop Settlement
Goals: To maximise and synchronise scallop settlement by developing harvest techniques
for competent larvae. Aim to increase settlement by optimising the flagellate:diatom ratio
in larval diets and by using chemical and biological inducers, as well as revealing the
effect of light exposure on settlement.
Work Package Six: Integration and Dissemination

Goals: To facilitate the uptake of results by SMEs, and the dissemination of results.